Dry mouth treatment by SaliPen

The only natural dry mouth cure!

SaliPen is a leading-edge medical device that treats dry mouth naturally. SaliPen uses electrostimulation to increase saliva production and is not felt by the patient.

Dry mouth treatment - the only natural dry mouth cure is with SaliPen

Natural dry mouth cure

The usual cause of oral dryness is not enough saliva production. How does SaliPen relieve Dry Mouth?

SaliPen is based on a very simple idea – stimulating the saliva glands to produce more saliva.

SaliPen is the only long-term Dry Mouth Cure that makes your mouth wet with your own saliva without any side effects or chemicals!

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to stop Dry Mouth with SaliPen.

SaliPen helps these patients treat their Dry Mouth

I have Sjögren’s and suffer from a dry mouth.
On Monday, the SaliPen arrived!  Within a minute of using it for the first time, I could feel the saliva coming into my mouth.  It was extraordinary!
L.H., Brazil

Yes, SaliPen. It’s fabulous! Fabulous! I hardly do my saliva pills AT ALL. Whenever I think my saliva is starting to not work properly, stick it in my mouth and two minutes later I have my saliva.
Patient of Dr. S.Z., USA

Approved & Tested

SaliPen is a proven safe and effective Dry Mouth remedy

FDA approved

FDA Approved

SaliPen is approved for use in the USA by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Note: USA residents must obtain a prescription from a medical doctor or a dental practitioner.
Dry mouth medical device

ISO 13485:2016

….demonstrated its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Clinical trials in 4 continents

We tested SaliPen in 14 centers around the world. The results demonstrated that SaliPen brings a safe, effective and fast relief for Dry Mouth, with positive effects building overtime.

What is SaliPen?
The best Dry Mouth treatment

SaliPen xerostomia cure closeup
Salipen encourages your body to produce more saliva naturally by using electrostimulation.

Compared with other dry mouth treatments – medications, gums, sprays, lozenges and others  – SaliPen is cost effective, uses no chemicals and causes no side effects.

Dry Mouth can be very uncomfortable. Furthermore, a dry mouth usually causes many other discomforts such as difficulty swallowing, chewing and speaking. It can also lead to complications such as dental decay, yeast infection and bad breath.

How does it work?
Curing Dry Mouth naturally

SaliPen is an innovative treatment for dry mouth that stimulates your salivary glands to increase saliva production. The result is that your mouth will again be wet with your saliva. It will stop the unpleasant feeling of dry mouth.

Salipen is easy to use, brings relief within minutes and fits any mouth.

SaliPen is a result of years of development by Dr. Andy Wolff, oral medicine specialist.

How to stop Dry Mouth

Watch Dr. Andy Wolff, an oral medicine specialist and the inventor of SaliPen, a Dry Mouth relief medical device, explain how this patented device stops the feeling of Dry Mouth.

What causes Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is a condition affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is a chronic and mostly irreversible condition also known as xerostomia.

Your mouth is dry because your salivary glands do not make enough saliva. Why? There could be different reasons. The majority of people suffer from dry mouth due to:

  • Side effects caused by medicines
  • Disease
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Nerve damage

Some facts about Dry Mouth

Many people suffer from Dry Mouth, for many different reasons. Here are the numbers:

Estimated number of people worldwide suffering from Dry Mouth

Number of medications causing Dry Mouth as a side effect

Download our manuals and brochure

Download the SaliPen Brochure to learn more about how SaliPen works to relieve Dry Mouth and put an end to discomfort and side effects

SaliPen User Manual will instruct you on how to use the device. It is simple, easy and safe to let SaliPen Stop your Dry Mouth

This PDF download provides clinicians with all they need to know about SaliPen and how it helps patients suffering from Dry Mouth

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Saliva has several important and essential roles for your health aside from keeping our mouth wet

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SaliPen improves your quality of life!

SaliPen offers an effective and safe treatment for the relief of dry mouth. The device prevents the harmful consequences of oral dryness and creates a revolutionary improvement in its treatment and hence, in patients’ quality of life. SaliPen reduces the expenses which patients and the medical services spend today to treat dry mouth and its consequences. Read what the professionals say about Salipen
Best dry mouth cure by SaliPen
Dry mouth relief with SaliPen
Best dry mouth cure with SaliPen

Natural Dry Mouth Cure

The amazing features of SaliPen

Natural Saliva Production

When there’s not enough saliva, the mouth feels dry. SaliPen helps your body produce more saliva naturally.

No side effects

SaliPen is the only Dry Mouth treatment without any side effects.

Instant Relief

SaliPen relives Dry Mouth immediately.

For all dry mouth patients

SaliPen is one size fits all. The device is suitable for anyone suffering from Dry Mouth.

Electrostimulation Technology

The technology used by SaliPen is electrostimulation which is safe, comfortable and easy to use.

Online orders

Order SaliPen online directly from the saliwell.com

About Saliwell

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Saliwell Ltd. is a privately held company founded in 2003 by Dr. Andy Wolff and Eng. Ben Z. Beiski. The company has offices in Israel and in Germany.

Saliwell’s mission is to provide High-Tech solutions for dry mouth with non-chemical, comfortable and versatile solutions that fit most dry mouth patients.

Saliwell developed several products to help people suffering from Dry Mouth. SaliPen is Saliwell’s latest development.

SaliPen is cost-effective!

Use SaliPen for countless applications.

For the price of SaliPen you get:


Dry mouth mouthwash

Just 2.5 months of mouthwash

Dry mouth mouthwash – cost is US$ 1 for every 3 rinses.

At 10 rinses a day, you will get only 2.5 months of rinses for the price of a single SaliPen device

Dry mouth treatment with the SaliPen device

Limitless Dry Mouth treatment with SaliPen

With SaliPen you can treat your Dry Mouth multiple times.

Over time the savings are great!


Prices are in U.S. dollars, per unit. You may select shipping by registered mail or by courier to your preference (shipping charges not included), on our order form.

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